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Chimney Rock National Monument

Colorado is a state that’s filled with captivating landmarks. However, for those who travel towards Pagosa Springs with a passion for culture and nature alike, a stop at Chimney Rock National Monument promises to be an itinerary highlight. This iconic landmark is located along the southern side of the San Juan Mountains and offers up an archeological site filled with history just waiting to be explored. Covering more than seven square miles of land, Chimney Rock National Monument once belonged to the ancestral Puebloans of the Chaco Canyon. Today, visitors can traverse pathways that have remain unchanged for more than 1,000 years! This national monument showcases a collection of ceremonial buildings and more than 200 ancient homes. Visitors are invited to follow the path from the base of the monument up to the summit where they can enjoy panoramic views of the terrain. It’s a visit immersed in history that’s well worth experiencing for yourself!

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Piedra Falls

Cascade chasers looking for an amazing and scenic experience near Pagosa Springs will want to make sure to make time on their itinerary for a trip to Piedra Falls while they’re in town. This beautiful natural landmark is proud to be one of the most visited in the area with good reason! Piedra Falls is a fantastic place to visit for hikers of all ages. From trailhead to the falls themselves, visitors will only have to traverse about a half mile of trail. Setting aside about 30 minutes of time out and back is generally enough to get you to your destination with plenty of time to admire the surroundings. Piedra Falls can easily be accessed near Sportsman’s Campground just off Middle Fork Road. The trailhead is located just off East Toner Road which is best navigated in clear weather conditions for optimal access.

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Piedra River Trail in Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs is packed with opportunities for outdoor fun but if you’re a traveler with a taste for adventuring on the trails, be sure to start your journey on the Piedra River Trail while you’re in the area. This beautiful and challenging trail is a popular one with good reason. It’s an all-seasons route that runs through meadows, forests, and river canyons alike. Wildlife viewing, photography and trekking are all easily achievable activities when you take time to enjoy this route. In total, the trail is 7.3 miles out and back, making it good for all skill levels depending on how you approach it. Those looking for a challenge can attempt to complete it in a day while those just starting out might prefer to break it up in pieces across a few days. Either way, it’s a beautiful trail to try no matter when you arrive in Pagosa Springs.

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Rocky Mountain National Wildlife Park

Colorado is a captivating state with much to offer in the way of scenic beauty. For travelers that have a heart for wildlife conservation, a trip to the Rocky Mountain National Wildlife Park is a must! Situated near Commerce City, this sprawling destination covers more than 15,000 acres of land. The wildlife park sits on the former Rocky Mountain Arsenal and was first deemed a national wildlife park and refuge in 1992. Today, the area is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and provides a pristine place for visitors to admire wildlife thriving in natural habitats. A visit here can put you in proximity to everything from coyotes and deer to white pelicans, prairie dogs and bison alike. Hike, explore, or photograph your way through a one-of-a-kind visit when you put this wildlife park at the top of your must-visit list.

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Treasure Falls in Pagosa Springs

A trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado promises to be packed with adventure. But if you’re the type of traveler that’s up for making the most of amazing scenery, a trip to Treasure Falls should top your list of must-do activities while you’re in town. This incredible cascade is easily reached by heading east on Highway 160 for about 15 miles outside of downtown. There’s a convenient parking lot located off the shoulder of the highway and the trailhead is easy to spot. You’ll only have to trek about ¼ of a mile to reach a scenic bridge that sits at the base of the falls. Not far away, visitors can traverse the observation point which puts you in a great place to grab a photo or two. Treasure Falls is spectacular to behold thanks to its 100-foot drop and rich history built on the legend of gold being buried somewhere nearby. It makes for an amazing family hike destination as well as a place that inspires the imagination.

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